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A Selection of My Trainings and Consultation

The challenges of the market and globalization bring with them the constant search for know-how and permanent adaptation to new developments. Clearly defined central points and contents specifically harmonized to your business processes are the basis of my comprehensive offer consisting of training and consultation. Practical application for you – with the inclusion of your employees in the process - is central to what I do. At the end of one of my seminars, workshops and trainings, my goal is for you to take away clear and useful results for use in your business. It is equally important for me to allow for the quickest, most long-term and noticeable foundations for your success through project-oriented consultation.

Tire Technology

The construction of the tire and the functionality of the individual parts give insight into the world of tire technology. 
Foundational- as well as advanced seminars where basics in theory and practice as well as specialist knowledge are imparted form the requirements for a high level of professionalism in the tire trade.

Abrasion Patterns and Tire Damages

Discussions concerning tire damage and abrasion patterns often take place with the customer on location or during tire fitting. In this training, answers to commonly asked questions are provided: What is the cause?  What is necessary for the future?  How should claims be dealt with professionally?

Product Use

Everything you need to know about customer consultation and product recommendation: Which tire is the right one?  Which factors influence tire choice and performance? In this workshop, theoretical knowledge for specific product groups (passenger, truck, and earth-moving tires) is combined with practical application. 

Fleet Management

Professional tire management for logistics and transport businesses is a decided advantage in an incredibly competitive environment and offers a sustainable added value to your customers. In this practice-oriented workshop, diverse approaches are discussed and customized according to your own areas of responsibility.

Process Optimization for Retreaders

Modern hot and cold retreading of tires according to the ECE R 108 and ECE R 109 guidelines requires permanent supervision of the running processes and products. Manufacturing analysis – even for single processes – consultation in important questions as well as the qualification of your employees are essential elements of my services and help to ensure continual improvement from production and quality.

Successfully Orchestrating Changes

Whether it be in the headquarters, the branches/retail locations or in field service:
Orchestrating the work in a more efficient, more effective manner that brings better results requires more than just analytical or conceptual approaches based on key data. In modern companies, topics range from functional and goal-oriented training and further education to training on the job and coaching, from team development and project-oriented approaches, from conflict management to change management and operational excellence. Practical application for your business success with the inclusion of your employees is central to what I do. Problems are analyzed within the team and together, optimal solutions are found and implemented.

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